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How do we make vege paint powder?

1. 農家さんに廃棄予定の野菜を受け取りに行く/Receive vegetables from farmers which are not suitable to be sold to markets. We have received spinach, beetroots and tomatoes etc.

2. 真空乾燥ユニットを用いて乾燥野菜と生体水に分ける/Separate moisture from the vegetables using a dehydrator.

3. 乾燥させた野菜を粉末ミルにかけてパウダー状にする/Turn the dehydrated vegetables into powder form.

4. パウダー状になった野菜をメディウムと混ぜる/Mix vegetable powder and other ingredients with gum arabic. (Gum Arabic: the hardened sap of two species of acacia tree. It easily dissolves in water which makes it ideal for use in watercolors.)

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